Asean Plus Three Emergency Rice Reserve 


The APTERR internship programme opens for university students to grab a chance in learning and exploring a professional practice. This year, the APTERR Secretariat welcomed Mr. Thammarat Utsa, a fourth-year student from the Division of International Affairs, Khon Kaen University International College (KKUIC), Khon Kaen University, to join our internship programme.


During the entire period, the intern student was experienced several types of tasks ranging from fundamental to advanced levels. All of the assignments were designed not only to help him gain direct practical experience and knowledge on food security, but also to increase his critical thinking and productive creativity. On the other hand, the intern’s works benefited the further development of the APTERR Secretariat’s operations as well.


“I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate the staff members of the APTERR secretariat for supporting me. My experience working with the APTERR team was excellent. I have learned a lot from brilliant staff including basic works, works as a professional, even everyday life,” said Mr. Thammarat.


Relative to this, the APTERR Secretariat reiterates to continue our internship programme with a strong focus on equipping our intern students with actual working skills, knowledge as well as experiences that are beneficial to them for following their own career paths and becoming the potent workforce in the future.