Asean Plus Three Emergency Rice Reserve 

APTERR Stockpiles


To accomplish its common goal, the APTERR Parties agreed to establish the APTERR stocks consisting of Earmarked Emergency Rice Reserves and Stockpiled Emergency Rice Reserves contributed by each member country to aid victims in the time of adversity. Rice reserves under the APTERR must be fit for human consumption based on international food safety standards.



  • Earmarked Emergency Rice Reserves are specific quantities of milled rice, which are voluntarily designated and controlled by the government of the earmarking country, for the purpose of the meeting emergency requirements of one or more APTERR member countries.



The earmarked stocks total 787,000 tonnes, comprising 87,000 tonnes from the ASEAN member countries and 700,000 tonnes from the Plus Three countries. The breakdown of the earmarked quantity of each APTERR member countries is as follows;



Earmaked rice stocks


  • Stockpiled Emergency Rice Reserves are rice voluntarily donated to the APTERR in the form of cash (termed stockpiled cash) and/or physical rice stocks (termed stockpiled rice) which are owned collectively by the APTERR member countries and managed by the APTERR Secretariat under the supervision of the APTERR Council. Such a stockpiled emergency rice reserve is used as an emergency stock to provide preparedness for an emergency situation, and constitutes another component of the APTERR.