Asean Plus Three Emergency Rice Reserve 


The APTERR Secretariat official introduced the latest initiative ‘APTERR Annual Report on Food Security and Outlook’ to its members on 10 June 2021 with the aim of sharing comprehensive information on food security and other aspects of food supply and demand situations. The report will be released to the members on an annual basis.

In 2020, the overview of the food availability in the ASEAN Plus Three (APT) countries was in normal situation. The APT countries could hold a key to balance the supply and demand of rice without distorting the rice market although the APT had faced the surge of the Covid-19 infections and natural disasters. Meanwhile, the rice supply and demand in 2021 is forecasted to remain unchanged from the previous year. The APT countries still have a sufficient supply of rice to serve the needs for consumption.


Nevertheless, closely monitoring on the current of rice production and utilisation as well as logistic situations is of utmost necessity to prevent the looming food insecurity in the region.