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The ASEAN Plus Three Emergency Rice Reserve (APTERR) is a regional cooperation established under the APTERR Agreement signed by the Ministers of the Agriculture and Forestry of the ASEAN Plus Three at the 11th Meeting of the ASEAN Minister on Agriculture and Forestry Plus Three (AMAF+3) on 7 October 2011 in Jakarta, Indonesia. The APTERR was officially established itself as a permanent mechanism and also marked the official launch of the APTERR Secretariat office in Bangkok in 2013. 


We are keen to strengthen food security, poverty alleviation, and malnourishment eradication among its members without distorting normal trade, while the common goal of the APTERR Parties is the assurance of food security in the ASEAN+3 region. 




Natural Disasters




No. 374 792726210d1e7546b7ced88db6894424

3 – 9 July 2024

Rice Situation




No. 374 792726210d1e7546b7ced88db6894424

3 June – 9 July 2024

  1. Myanmar
  2. Viet Nam
  3. China
  4. Republic of Korea

Floods displaced over 2,500 households in northern Myanmar. Heavy rains affected northern Myanmar especially in Kachin State and Sagaing Region. This caused floods and water level of Ayeyarwady and Chindwin Rivers to be above the warning marks. As of 3 July 2024, about 2,638 households were evacuated and sheltered in temporary relief centres while rescue operations were underway. The authorities also advised residents living nearby the rivers and in low-lying areas to take precautionary measures.

Sources: Pune.News. (2024, July 3). Over 2,500 households evacuated due to floods in Myanmar.

Intense rainfall caused floods in Ho Chi Minh City. Heavy downpours accompanied by thunderstorms and lightning lashed most parts of Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam on 3 July 2024. Many roads in the city were flooded disrupting the traffic and people’s lives. A large tree was also toppled by powerful winds and collapsed onto a nearby house. Employees from private company were dispatched to the flooded areas to help drain floodwaters.

Sources: Toui Tre News. (2024, July 4). Heavy rainfall uproots trees, floods streets in Ho Chi Minh City.

Tornadoes claimed 10 lives in east China. On 6 July 2024, tornadoes struck Heze city in east China's Shandong province leaving five people dead. Earlier, the tornadoes killed five people and injured 83 people in the counties of Dongming and Juancheng on 5 July 2024. Besides, a total of 2,820 houses, 4,060 hectares of crops, and 48 power supply lines were also damaged. Local rescuers rush to assist those affected while local roads, communication, water and power supplies were restored later on.

Sources: Xinhua. (2024, July 6). Five killed by tornadoes in east China.

Heavy rains forced hundreds of people in South Korea to evacuate. An hour of heavy rains pounded various parts of South Korea especially in north Gyeongsang and south Chungcheong provinces on 8 July 2024. There were 275 people evacuated for their safety while a man went missing, and 25 residents of rural villages were strained. The downpour also uprooted street trees, and flooded several roads. Also, two drivers were rescued after their vehicles struck in floodwaters. Emergency texts warning of the heavy downpours was sent to residents early. Meanwhile, regional governments were instructed to maintain their emergency response.

Sources: Yonhap. (2024, July 8). (3rd LD) Heavy rain batters country, leaving 1 residentmissing, many fleeing for safety.

  1. Cambodia
  2. Thailand
  3. Viet Nam

Cambodia exports 338,654 tonnes of milled rice in the first half of 2024According to the Cambodia Rice Federation, Cambodia exported a total of 338,654 tonnes of milled rice from January to June 2024, earning a total of 247.6 million USD. China remained one of the main buyers of importers which exported 75,398 tonnes of milled rice to China, worth 47 million USD.

Source: Brecorder. (2024, Jul 9). Cambodia earns over 247 mln USD from milled rice export in H12024.

Thai rice prices decrease as waiting for the import policy’s change. Thailand’s 5 percent broken rice prices is down to 585 USD per tonne, the lowest level since April 25, from 595 USD per tonne a week earlier. The Philippines is considering changing the import policy and reduce the tariff, so exporters are slowing down in burying rice. Meanwhile, a new supply of rice enters the market in July 2024 and could lead to a further prices drop in the coming week, Bangkok-based traders said.

Source: Brecorder. (2024, Jul 4). Asia rice: Thai, Vietnam prices drop; African demand slows on high freight rates

Vietnamese rice prices drop while trade is slow. Rates for Vietnamese 5 percent broken rice decreased to 575 USD per tonne from 575-580 USD per tonne last week. Trade is slow as buyers are waiting for the Philippines’ tariff cut to take effect, Ho Chi Minh-based traders said. The government data showed that Viet Nam exported 650,000 tonnes of rice in June 2024, up 5.7 percent from May 2024.

Source: Brecorder. (2024, Jul 4). Asia rice: Thai, Vietnam prices drop; African demand slows on high freight rates.

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