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APTERR Secretariat

2nd Floor, Office of Agricultural Economics Bldg., Kasetsart University Complex, Phahonyothin Road, Ladyao, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900 Thailand

  • handover of Korea's 1000MT rice to flood-affected people

    in Lao PDR

    4 January 2019



    19 - 20 February 2019

  • Distribution of Korea’s 1,000-MT Rice to Flood-Effected People

    in Lao PDR

    14 March 2019

  • The Rice Inspection and Small Meeting

    in Lao PDR

    29 - 30 July 2019

  • The SSOM-40th AMAF and SSOM-18th AMAF+3 Meetings

    in Hue, Viet Nam

    5-7 August 2019

  • The 39th Meeting of the ASEAN Food Security Reserve Board (AFSRB)

    in Bangkok Thailand

    15 – 16 August 2019

  • Technical meeting and inspection of rice under Japan’s contribution to Tier 3 programme

    in the Philippines

    27-28 August 2019

  • Inspection of rice contributed by Japan and Korea

    in Yangon and Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar

    9 - 11 Sebtember 2019

  • Handover of Japan's 560-MT rice and the meeting of Tier 1 and Tier 3 programmes

    in the Philippines.

    16 September 2019

  • Tier 3 rice to tropical cyclone-affected people in the Philippines under Japan’s 560-MT contribution

    in Ilocos Norte the Philippines

    on 5 October 2019

What is APTERR?

Is a regional cooperation standing on humanitarian ground with professional and business sense operation.


Situation Update

These reports give weekly update on ASEAN Plus Three Food Security Related Information and Rice Situation.


The information covers the full spectrum of APTERR's events across all 12 months.


Asean Plus Three Emergency Rice Reserve (APTERR)

ASEAN Plus Three Emergency Rice Reserve (APTERR) is regional cooperation standing on humanitarian ground. The objective of APTERR is to help the members in ASEAN+3 in an emergency natural disaster and other humanitarian purposes.This organization was established  under the purview of the ASEAN plus the People’s Republic of China, Japan and the Republic of Korea

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Main activities

APTERR main activities will cover these following areas

Provision of rice to the needy people

Bringing information on disaster relief

Sharing knowledge and expertise

Building confidence to improve food security

Helping to increase nutritional status of the people

Establish regional cooperation

News & Events

Information and activities from APTERR

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