Asean Plus Three Emergency Rice Reserve 

 General Manager of the APTERR Secretariat Dr. Choomjet Karnjanakesorn together with Japanese Expert Mr. Toshiki Tojo and the APTERR staff visited the National Food Authority (NFA) of the Philippines in Quezon City on 23 March 2023.


During the visit, the APTERR team had an opportunity to exchange information and productively discuss with Special Assistance to the NFA Administrator Mr. Roger V. Navarro and Acting Assistant Administrator for Operation Engr. John Robert R. Hermano on the current situation and policies on food security in the Philippines.





The APTERR Secretariat team exchanged information with Mr. Roger V. Navarro,
Special Assistance to the NFA Administrator on the food security situation in the Philippines.






(from left-right) Ms. Rosalyn D. Comia, Division Manager of the NFA,
Ms. Nattavadee Sraprathum, Technical Staff for FEMI of the APTERR Secretariat,
Engr. John Robert R. Hermano, Acting Assistant Administrator for Operations of the NFA,
Mr. Toshiki Tojo, Japanese Expert of the APTERR Secretariat,
Dr. Choomjet Karnjanakerson, GM of the APTERR Secretariat,
Mr. Roger V. Navarro, Special Assistance to the NFA Administrator,
Ms. Jansinee Kankaew, Head of Implementation of the APTERR Secretariat
and Atty. Shyla Joy Ramos, NFA-legal official.




As the main objective of APTERR to strengthen food security in APT member countries, the APTERR GM encouraged the Philippines to utilise the APTERR’s existing mechanism in assuring food security in the country, particular in time of disasters.



The Philippines is one of 13-APTERR member countries represented by the NFA Administrator as the APTERR Council. The APTERR activities have been continuously implemented in the Philippines, known as the disaster-prone country, to release APTERR rice assistance for alleviating people’s suffering from calamities and reducing poverty.