Asean Plus Three Emergency Rice Reserve 


Asean Plus Three Emergency Rice Reserve 

What is APTERR?


The ASEAN Plus Three Emergency Rice Reserve (APTERR) is regional cooperation established under the APTERR Agreement signed by the Ministers of the Agriculture and Forestry of the ASEAN Plus Three at the 11th Meeting of the ASEAN Minister on Agriculture and Forestry Plus Three (AMAF+3) on 7 October 2011 in Jakarta, Indonesia.


The APPTERR Council is the executive board comprising one representative from each member and acts as the governing body of the APTERR. In the meantime, the APTERR Secretariat was established to play a crucial role in facilitating and coordinating the APTERR mechanism.


The APTERR Secretariat is headed by the General Manager (GM) to be appointed by the APTERR Council. The activities and implementation programmes of the APTERR Secretariat are required to report to the APTERR Council. The office space of the APTERR Secretariat is an in-kind contribution by the Government of Thailand based at the Office of Agricultural Economics (OAE), Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives (MOAC), Bangkok, Thailand.


The APTERR Secretariat is financially supported by the APTERR Fund contributed by the APTERR Parties. The APTERR Fund comprised the Endowment Fund (EF), which is the capital contribution for long-term financial support, and the annual contribution to the Operational Cost (OC) utilised to support the operation and activities of the APTERR.





The main objectives of the APTERR are to strengthen food security, poverty alleviation, and malnourishment eradication among its members without distorting normal trade, while the common goal of the APTERR Parties is the assurance of food security in the ASEAN+3 region.







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