Asean Plus Three Emergency Rice Reserve 

Dr. Choomjet Karnjanakesorn, General Manager of the APTERR Secretariat, was invited to be one of panelists of the Deep Dive Session on Asia’s Rice Market, Food Security Concerns and Policy at the ‘Asia and Pacific Food Security Forum 2024’ organised by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) on 12 April 2024 at ADB Headquarters in Manila, the Philippines.


After Dr. Roehl M. Briones, an ADB consultant, presented the outcomes of systematic review of ASEAN Integrated Food Security Framework and the implementation of APTERR, Dr. Karnjanakeson together with distinguished panelists from various APTERR-related counterparts, provided comprehensive feedbacks and insightful perspectives on enhancing APTERR’s role in addressing food security challenges arising from escalating climate changes and market uncertainty of rice sector.



The panelists consisted both online and on-site attendees namely Dr. Sumanya Ngandee, Manager of ASEAN Food Security Information System (AFSIS) Secretariat, Dr. Phommy Inthaichak, Deputy Director General, Department of Planning and Cooperation, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, LAO PDR, Mr. Kenji Okuhira, Director for Grain Trade Team, Grain Trade and Operation Division, Crop Production Policy Department, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Japan, Cherdsak Virapat, Director General, Centre on Integrated Rural Development for Asia and the Pacific and Mr. Jiangfeng Zhang, Director, Agriculture, Food, Nature and Rural Development of ADB



(left-right) Dr. Choomjet Karnjanakeson from the APTERR Secretariat, Mr. Shingo Kimura, Principal Natural Resources and Agriculture Economist of ADB as a moderator of the Session, Dr. Sumanya Ngandee from the AFSIS Secretariat, Mr. Phommy Inthaichak from Lao PDR, and Dr. Roehl M. Briones as an ADB consultant.



Also, Dr. Karnjanakesorn expressed his gratitude to the ADB for supporting this systematic review and extended appreciation to the ADB consultant team including Dr. Briones, Mrs. Lourdes Adriano and Dr. David Dawe, whose tireless efforts and meticulous data collection ensured a comprehensive reviews process.



The review will be instrumental in strengthening the APTERR’s effectiveness as a regional food security mechanism.