Asean Plus Three Emergency Rice Reserve 


This day, 7 October 2020, marks a day of remembrance of APTERR mechanism as we celebrate our 9th anniversary of APTERR establishment to be a permanent mechanism for strengthening food security, poverty alleviation, and malnourishment eradication, along with overall improving quality of people’s lives throughout the ASEAN Plus Three Region.


Since its launching on 7 October 2011, APTERR has been working hard with a realisation of commitment and responsibility to handling the rice supply to people facing difficulties and hardship during emergency situations. As of now, five APTERR member countries have participated as a donor in APTERR activities with nearly 30,000 MT amount of rice donated to meet the need of affected individuals in overall 6 countries in the region.


Coming to the 9th year of existence, we promise to continue the excellent works of being a reliable, useful, efficient primary mechanism to make the ASEAN Plus Three region absent of food instability in a long term.